I’m Vineeth, also go by marshmalon online.

Currently, a Founder @ Plastic Labs. Like to spend my time reading about Game Design, DevSecOps, and Blockchain

I care a lot about Mental Health, and I’m trying to remove the stigma about being open about it. Despite what my peers may say Mental Health is real and important to take care of.

Using this as a space to put down my thoughts and experiments. Updated every once in a while, no real pattern or cadence.

The structure of this blog was inspired by karlicoss with styling inspiration from moonscript and my favorite terminal theme tokyonight


There are a few different types of things I write and keep track of here

Garden — a page inspired by Exobrain
Posts — longer articles with more developed thoughts
Projects — Writeups of different projects and creative works I’ve done usually linked to my GitHub
Notes — Random less developed ideas inspired by Maggie Appleton