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Things to look out for to hint that useEffect is the wrong paradigm

  • a set state in the useEffect
  • For fire and forget effects can just run it outside of the component
  • For user actions that should be handled in an event handler not an effect

Alternative Hooks


Derived state

Something like you have a list of items and need to calculate something from them

Just use something like a .map function or etc. and only if it is really expensive switch it to a useMemo

Communicating with Parent

  • Could be introducing additional re-renders
  • Move the effects closer to the state change - either a function or an event handler

Subscribe to external stores

  • useSyncExternalStore may be a better idea
  • a hint is if you are using a setState

Fetch Data

  • renderAsYouFetch may be a better idea
  • Again setState is a hint of this


  • Whatever the framework provides
  • NextJS Server Side Props or server side components
  • useSWR
  • use - fetch a post and automatically suspend component

Fetching in useEffect has a lot of problems

  • Race conditions
  • No instant back button
  • No initial HTML content
  • Chasing waterfalls - loading dependencies

Global Singletons

  • Just call it outside of the component

User Events

  • useReducer

Supplementary Materials